Who we are

Sometimes we get a bit excited

The Musikscool team of 50 is an eclectic mix of musicians, business coaches and trainers.  Most of us have worked in our field for many years, and see Musikscool as a way of collaborating with some really high quality fellow professionals.  We are united by a love of music and creativity, and find the emotional roller coaster  of every Musikscool event, whether working with 16 years olds or corporate Directors, thrilling and uplifting.

Within the team we have a BBC Strictly Come Dancing lead vocalist, several singer/songwiters, an Oxford Organ Scholar, professional  music producers, and one of the first people to obtain a degree in Songwriting in the UK.  On the non-musical side, we have specialists in Marketing, Fund Raising, PR and Design.  Several run their own businesses, and one has chaired a Charity.

One of our PR experts, became Mayoress of Wantage shortly after this event!









We are all here to help:  not to do too much, but certainly to guide, inspire and assist.

If you are curious about just how talented we are musically, here’s a track from an album we made in one day to save help save Orang-Utans in Borneo.  The track’s called People of the Trees, featuring David Bell on vocals.  Enjoy!