Defective gifts injure society

Unfortunately, too many gifts are defective.  That right, too many children walk out of the sanctity of our homes into the public world and make up their own rules. Schools expect school-aged children to behave appropriate to their age-level. Low-performing students often demonstrate defective behavior.  That’s your job to ensure your child follows societies rules. The declining high school graduation rates are shocking. The inability of a high-schooler to pass the relative “low bar” graduation exit-examination is deplorable. Despite more and more governmental dollars set aside to improve education programs, the results of the low performing groups remain in the lowest test score percentiles. Schools don’t teach solutions for this. It is your job to prepare your gift to function well under all given situations. Children who attend the nation’s top colleges and universities have mastered expectations of parents, teachers and society at large, you can teach them the art of excellence. Lets look at five ways to teach them.