Online Accounting degree

Earning an online accounting degree will prepare and open opportunities for you to the financial sector or industry ranging from small, medium-sized to large companies or firms.

Accountants take good care of company’s money in the form of management and it’s well known that management in companies does rely on accountants for reporting the company’s “health” status financially before they embark on making decisions that may affect areas such as purchases, salaries and so forth.

Career opportunities for graduates with online bachelor degree: 

After earning your accounting degrees online, the next thing is careers. There are various specialty which exists in accountancy profession where one may decide to specialize in professionally and these include;

Management Accountant: Basically these group of accountants manages company’s finances in the form of keeping track of the money spent and money made by the firm or individual business and after the delivery of goods and services.

Accountants and Auditors: These professionals undertake duties such as preparing financial statements, analyze financial data, prepare tax reports and statements, develop and monitor budgets and so forth.

Government Accountants: These professionals perform duties such as checking records of individuals who do business with the government like suppliers who provides goods and services.

Public Accountants: They mostly work for public accounting companies and responsibilities include tax preparation, auditing and accounting.

Training for online bachelor degree in accounting

Online accounting degrees are entirely earned online from an accredited college or university, thanks to the advancement and availability of technology such as internet which facilitates program delivery and interaction between students and institution.

Currently there are several accredited colleges and universities offering online accounting degree accredited programs, and the first step you can take is to request for free information from your prospecting online colleges you have identified, so that you get to see their curriculum and other related information such as tuition grants and scholarships.

This program will take you four years of dedicated study and since it’s done online, it’s much flexible in that you can schedule your hours, engage with fellow online students without interrupting your daily life like job and family. Bachelor degree will cover areas such as;

  • General education
  • Economics
  • Accounting methods
  • Business law

It is important to note that accountant filing a report with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by Law are required to be Certified Public Accountants(CPA), which is licensed by State Board of Accountancy.

Earnings for Accounting degree graduates

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the median annual wages and salary for accountants and auditors were $59,430 in May 2008. And middle half of the occupation earned $45,900 and $78,210 , and bottom 10 percent earned less than $36,720 and top 10 percent earned more than $102,380.

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